I don’t yet fulfill the eligibility requirements, but soon will — Can I still apply?

Applicants who do not yet hold a PhD at the time of application, that is: who have defended their thesis but have not yet received a diploma, cannot apply for a VUIAS fellowship.

I will retire before the fellowship starts, am I still eligible?

The fellowship can only be given to scholars who are not yet retired at the time the fellowship starts. The only exception from this regulation are such professors, who during their retirement accept a remunerated prolongation of their teaching duties.

Can I also apply for Fellowships Abroad via the application platform?

No, applications for Fellowships Abroad must be addressed to the partnering Institutes for Advanced Study following their procedures.

Is it possible to apply for shorter fellowships?

The fellowship is granted for ten months only.

We are a team — can we apply together?

VUIAS welcomes collaborative work and does not exclude scholars applying in groups of two or three. However, each application is evaluated and decided upon individually. Each candidate should send a complete application and state clearly on the application form with whom they are applying.


What is included in the character count (abstract, proposal, samples)?

The character count includes spaces and footnotes.

In what language(s) may I apply?

Your application must be in English; only the extensive list of publications may be in Ukrainian.

Can I send documents by regular mail?

As the members of the selection committee are situated in several countries and we do not have the resources to duplicate and forward non-electronic documents, there is no point in sending us documents by regular mail.

Do you need official copies of transcripts, certificates etc.?

Transcripts and certificates are not needed for the application, but please note that if you are selected and accept the fellowship, you may be asked to provide evidence of your degree as well as to sign your application and certify its correctness before starting the VUIAS Fellowship.

Can I come by or call in at VUIAS to discuss some details of the application?

We hope for your understanding that for reasons of both fairness and limited resources the VUIAS staff can not discuss individual applications. You should find most questions addressed in these FAQ or the Application Guidelines and the documents indicated there. Where these documents do not specify an exact requirement for the application material, please use your own judgment to determine what material would be most helpful for the selection committee to evaluate your application. If, after carefully reading these materials, you still have a question regarding your application, please contact us at admissions@vuias.org.